Mr Kim Joo

Kim Joo Hun, 12 Bakersville
Interior Renovation
June, 7th 2021
The Problem

Complete renovation of a midcentury house

Our Approachment
The owners of this 1960’s era home were first and foremost concerned with the safety and stability of their home, namely seismic strength and guarding against water intrusion. Once the safety and stability issues were addressed, they decided to pursue a major remodel of the home. The scope of work included the following: Voluntary seismic retrofit at the garage, soft-story level. Remodel of the façade – remove brick, repair dry rot, and apply low-maintenance siding and stucco. Repour the stairway to the main entry. Upgrade single paned windows to energy efficient dual paned windows. Paint the exterior. Remodel the kitchen and dining room. Remodel the master bathroom and hall bathroom. The goals of the interior remodel were to create an open kitchen and to right-size the bathrooms.


Initial Tendering

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Blueprint Design

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Execution & Developent

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Client Handover

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Monitoring Quality Control

Project Management
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